• Rating
    (Below Avg.)
    (Very Good)
  • A
    Time Sense
  • 1.
    Punctuality in the Class
  • 2.
    Regularity in taking Classes
  • 3.
    Completion of syllabus in time
  • 4.
    Scheduled organization of assignments, class tests, quizzes and seminars etc.
  • 5.
    Makes alternate arrangement of class in his/her absence
  • B
    Subject Command
  • 6.
    Focus on Syllabi
  • 7.
    Communication Skills
  • 8.
    Conducting the Classroom Teaching & creating interest in the subject
  • 9.
    Teaching the subject matter and illustrate the concept through examples and applications
  • C
    Use of teaching methods/ Teaching aids
  • 10.
    Use of teaching aids (OHP/Blackboard / PPT's) and innovative teaching methods
  • 11.
    Shares the answers of class tests/ sessional test questions after the conduction of the class tests/ sessional tests.
  • 12.
    The overall quality of teaching learning process in your institute is very good.
  • D
    Helping Attitude
  • 13.
    Helping approach towards varied academic interests of students
  • 14.
    Helps student in providing study Materialquestion bank e-resources, e-journals, reference books, etc.
  • 15.
    Helps students irrespective of ethnicity and culture/background
  • 16.
    Approach towards developing professional, employability and life skills among students to make you ready for the world of work.
  • 17.
    The institute takes active interest in promoting internship and field visit opportunities for students.
  • 18.
    Helps students in realizing career goals and development
  • 19.
    The teachers are able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and encourage you with providing right level of challenges.
  • 20.
    Your mentor does a necessary follow up with an assigned task to you.
  • E
    Class Control
  • 21.
    Regular checking of laboratory log books/ note books
  • 22.
    Students’ participation in the class
  • 23.
    Tendency of inviting opinion and questions on subject matter from the students
  • 24.
    Inspires students for ethical conduct
  • F
    Laboratory Instruction (Only for Science Laboratory students)
  • 25.
    Availability of teacher in the laboratory
  • 26.
    Helping the students in conducting experiments through set of instructions or demonstrations
  • 27.
    Helps students in exploring the area of study involved in the experiment
  • 28.
    Follows open ended approach for conducting the experiments
  • G
    Infrastructure & other facilities
  • 29.
    The class rooms and furniture available are adequate and good
  • 30.
    The toilets/ washroom are clean and sufficient for students
  • 31.
    The labs are adequately equipped (wherever applicable)
  • 32.
    The infrastructure available in the college / department is optimally used
  • 33.
    Parking facilities are available adequately
  • 34.
    Water resources are adequately provided
  • 35.
    Safe drinking water is available
  • 36.
    The functionality of placement cell in the college is satisfactory
  • 37.
    The support and behaviour of office staff and other non teaching staff is satisfactory.
  • 38.
    The college management is cooperative
  • 39.
    The security mechanism of college is satisfactory