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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The professors in our college are well experienced and friendly. Teachers are available in the respective departments when there is no class, so the students can approach them at any time in the working hours, even students can call through phone in a daytime.

    It is important for a teacher to impart, imbibe and acquire moral values which help students face life’s challenges, kept that in mind our college allots a mentor to each student from the day of admission, he/she who provide moral and morale support to the students. They also encourage them to take part in all the activities and competitions conducted in inter-college and intra-college levels, they also give their hand when the student in any dilemma.

    Thrice in a year they are attending seminars to understand the psychology of students that help the teachers to understand the present students better. The aim of the education is holistic development of the students, contemplate that our teachers complete their curriculum effectively. They are completing the syllabus on time and providing various kinds of revisions off and on, even they are providing special classes for special students, and notes are also given by them when it’s needed.

    Our College campus is in the heart of the city so reaching the college consumes less time than any other college of Indore. There is no record of ragging in any pace. A female supporting staff always sits in the entrance of girls’ common room. The college campus is equipped with constant running cameras for concrete observation; it helps us to reach immediately when and where it is necessary.

    Especially for girl students safety our college is also having Women Grievance cell to protect our girls from any unfortunate incidents and to share their feelings in the right place and in a right time. So no doubt our college is well-protected.

    College is the right place for the one who find their real passion and hidden talents. Take it into account our college encourages our students to develop their skills through various activities like, conducting French classes, Spoken English classes by respective teachers.

    Providing table tennis, football, badminton, and cricket classes by our sports teachers for boys as well for girls, sending athletes to various matches, organising music concerts, sports day, youth festivals etc and we also organising various kinds of competitions every week followed by a lecture from an eminent person in the same field. We also prepare students for various competitive exams like MCA, NET, Banking, SSC etc.

    There are many different types of scholarships are targeting different set of students. Some of the scholarships are...
    S. No Scheme Eligibility
    1 SC Father’s Income is less than 6 lakhs per year.
    2 ST Father’s Income is less than 6 lakhs per year.
    3 OBC Father’s Income is less than 3 lakhs per year.
    4 GAON KI BETI (Only For Girls all Category) 12th pass with 60% marks (from village school.)
    5 MINORITY SCHOLARSHIP (SIKH, CHRISTIAN,  MUSLIM, JAIN, PARSI) Father’s Income less than 2 lakhs per year.
    6 CENTRAL SECTORE SCHOLARSHIP 12th pass with 80% Marks and Father’s Income is less than 8 lakhs per year.
    7 For Siblings (offered by Christian Eminent college trust) Students must be the siblings.

    Note: According to the Govt ordinance scholarship directives may vary periodically. The suitable Government scholarship schemes are applicable.

    Our college is recognised by Govt of MP, affiliated to DAVV Indore (NAAC A+ Grade) and also twice ‘NAAC’ accredited with grade ‘A’.
    To groom students with competencies and employability skills to become part of top notch companies we are organising placement drive frequently throughout the year. Our college has a fully fledged Training and Placement Cell which has a specially designated placement officer and faculty from various departments as placement coordinators. The placement cell coordinates with HR departments of various corporate companies in the field of manufacturing, IT as well as service sector.

    Our college is one of the best traditional/professional colleges in Indore. We are in the field of Education for the last 46 years. We are proud to state that we have raised more than one Lac hardworking, unique graduates/degree holders. We create the opportunity for each and every student to be placed in various MNCs and international level companies with good package.

    We are providing almost all the UG and PG courses which can make the students future better. Our college is recognised by Govt of MP, affiliated to DAVV Indore (NAAC A+ Grade) and also twice ‘NAAC’ accredited with grade ‘A’. Our college choose best devoted teachers with the qualification that Indian education policy suggests and the college also updating the teachers’ ability through give them opportunity to attend various kinds of seminars, conferences, lectures etc.

    Our college is in the heart of the city so there is no need to travel a lot to reach college. Our college campus is safe for girls as well as boys. There is no ragging in our college. The college is providing various kinds of scholarships for boys, girls and the students who are in the merit list etc. There are different kinds of clubs in the college it helps the students to improve their skills and to fill the extracurricular column in their CV.

    We conduct competitions once in a week that followed by a lecture of eminent persons in related field. Once in 15 days students are sent to various industry visits to enhance their practical knowledge. We are celebrating almost all Indian festivals in the open auditorium of our campus it improves the unity of students. Once in a year the college organising a tour for 5 to 7 days, last year students went to Goa for 7 days excursion tour in reasonable cost.

    Our college conducts classes in different modes. Approximately 60% of the classes are conducted through chalk talk method. 20% of the classes given through power point presentation or through some activities. 10% of the classes are through lectures from eminent personalities of related area. Remaining 10% through different kinds of visits like company visits, pharmacy visits, etc.

    The medium of classes is both in English and Hindi. If special classes needed, then our teachers take special classes for the students who are in need. And when circumstances are not great for regular classes then the college conducts online classes.

    There are so many students are coming from different states of India so there are two options available in our college, English and Hindi. Teachers are well versed in both the languages. Even in the competitions also language is not the barrier. In the time of admission students must choose their language according. They can write their exam whether in English or in Hindi.
    College timings differ from batch to batch. Usually 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.