Christian Eminent College

Christian Eminent College

Academy of Management, Professional Education & Research


Computer Lab : (IT Arena)

The College has Always emphasized on imparting quality traning of higher-end technologies to students of advanced computing bearing in mind that 21st century is the age of information technology. The College is having spacious and state–of–the–art Computer Laboratories with a large no of computers having latest facilities, hardware, and a wide range of software & internet facilities on every node.

The hi- tech Computer Center comprises networking facilities, such as , a separate WINDOW NT Server, LINUX Server, NOVEL Netware Server, SBS (Small Business Server), Proxy Server and ISDN Connection Based internet with certain networking research aids.


A Library is the life and soul of any educational institution. The College Libraries are housed in spacious halls, having adequate facilities for stacking of books, reading seats and space for providing reprographics facilities and documentation center. The Libraries have a growing collection of the latest literature in all emerging disciplines. It is the nerve center of all intellectual and academic activities of the college. E- Journals and DELNET facilities are also available in the libraries

Bioscience Laboratory

The Bioscience Laboratory is in well- endowed setting. The laboratory is equipped with the latest and cutting edge technology for the purpose of enhancing research and to provide current information and practical exposure of Biotechnology, Microbiology and related areas to students.

Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Laboratory

This Laboratory is designed for the students to get the hands-on experience necessary to perform the practicals with the required speed, precision and accuracy expected in the discipline


The college canteen is located on campus and supplies students with breakfast, lunch and snacks. The campus cafeteria is surrounded by greenery. It is typically the most popular location on campus, not only for refreshments but also for student camaraderie, conversations, and even assignment and project completion.


The college has a fully functional, well-structured and air conditioned Auditorium that is constructed with the most modern amenities. It is well ventilated and has a substantial capacity for seating. In addition, it provides the appropriate ambience and environment for presentations, workshops, seminars, conferences and other academic activities as well as cultural programs.


The campus is completely pollution-free due to the thriving greenery all around. This campus enjoys a serene garden apart from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The local plant and animal life provide a tranquil environment ideal for study. The campus has a lot of green space, which is good for the students’ health. The natural space of the garden is perfect for students’ healthy physical and mental development.


The college provides on the generous parking for two wheeler and four wheeler vehicles for students and the staff in the college premises. The parking space is adequate and it is situated near to the academic block for easy navigation.