Christian Eminent College

Christian Eminent College

Academy of Management, Professional Education & Research

Late Prof. Muzaffar Husain Meer

Down The Memory Lane

A founder of Christian Eminent Group, Who established, together with his other family members, a higher secondary school, was a dedicated soul and an undying spirit who worked from dawn till dusk for the well-being of this institution.
Forty Five years ago, in the year 1977, laid its pious foundation. His memory lingers in whatever the members of Christian Educational and Cultural Society do for the betterment of this College, with a solemn desire to lift it to the status of a professionally managed modern College, with a maximum number of newly emerging professional and job-oriented courses, and thus create high quality human resource for the country.
He inspired us to dream, to live for a cause and to never settle until the dream is realized.

His dreams have been coming true ......

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep

He was a visionary and humanist to the core, who could foresee the emerging educational needs and career aspirations of the young generations and made it a mission of his life to fulfill them.
His contribution to the cause of education and learning was immense. It helped to make the city of Indore an education hub in central India. The prominent institutions he founded and nurtured, including this college, are monument to his vision and stature. An eminent professor of English himself for several long years, he also served as its head of department at prestigious Holkar Science College, Indore.
People like him never cease to exist. In the landmark institutions he built, and in our hearts and minds, Prof. Meer Saheb, lovingly known as BADE SIR, will ever continue to live, inspire and light our path.

The legacy goes on .............................

Late Prof. Mohammad Husain Meer